April 11th, 2018

Thanks for coming!

PAX East has officially wrapped, and we hope you had half as much fun as we did. The addition of Thursday was a huge highlight for us, but let us know what you thought by reaching out to us at pax_questions@paxsite.com!

Big thanks to all of the Enforcers, exhibitors, and attendees for making the show happen, and we hope to see you next year!

March 29th, 2018

Getting to PAX!

PAX East is exactly one week away! We hope you’re as excited as we are to get this show on the…road? That might not make sense. Whatever, just go with it.

Anyway, we wanted to run down the process of getting to the show. Obviously the BCEC does have a parking lot…several, actually, but parking is limited and it costs $18 per day, so we do strongly recommend public transportation whenever possible.

The #7 bus, Silver Line, and South Station all offer very convenient access to the BCEC. We’ve also very smugly warned Lyft and Uber that we’re kind of a big deal, so I would expect service will be pretty dramatically ramped up during PAX. Additional information can be found here, and as always, if you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email at pax_questions@paxsite.com.

Thanks everyone, and we’ll see you next week!

March 27th, 2018

Castrol EDGE Titanium Trial Tournament

Game: Need for Speed Payback
Date & Time: Friday, 12pm-4pm ET, April 6, 2018
Location: PAX East 2018 in Boston at PAX Arena

Tourney Description:

Track selection will be the Castrol EDGE Titanium Trial DLC in Need for Speed Payback
Up to 3 progressive races available per round (Race, Off-Road, & Drift) based on performance
Each competitor will have to beat the target time provided in-game for each track in order to advance to the next track. If the in-game time is not beaten, the applicable track will be deemed incomplete and the final time will not be tallied. Only previous track(s) successfully completed within the round will be attributed to the competitor.
Fastest times per track and greatest overall track progression will be used for advancement and final prizing.
PS4 controller will be provided onsite and no outside peripherals will be allowed. (Ex: no racing wheels or 3rd party/modded controllers, etc.)

Format: Knockout Time Trial

  • Wave 1: 5 competitors solo race for best race times and overall track progression. 4 fastest times and most races completed move on to next round
  • Wave 2: 4 competitors solo race for best race times and overall track progression. 3 fastest times and most races completed move on to the Finals
  • Wave 3: Finals – Top 3 competitors solo race for fastest race times and overall track progression.


  • 1st (Grand Prize): Trip for winner and a guest to PAX West 2018 in Seattle, Washington and one Castrol EDGE prize pack.
  • 2nd: Two passes to PAX West 2018, one Castrol EDGE prize pack, and one PAX East prize pack
  • 3rd:  One Castrol EDGE prize pack and one PAX East prize pack

To register, please send an email to PAXArena@PAXsite.com that includes the following:

  • Your name and Twitter handle
  • A picture of your PAX East 2018 expo badge for at least Friday attendance (use your cell phone!)
  • Need for Speed Payback PlayStation 4 gamer tag and in-game (NFSP) rank
  • Brief explanation of why you think you should be chosen as a competitor

Five lucky competitors and two alternates will be chosen by the official organizers. All competitors must have an in-game ranking on Need for Speed Payback for the PlayStation. Each competitor must provide proof of expo access to PAX East 2018 for Friday, April 6th. All competitors will be responsible for providing their own PAX East 2018 badges. Registration does not guarantee entry. If you completed the online registration and you are selected to be a competitor, then you will be notified no later than April 3, 2018 using the email you registered with. Onsite registration will also be available Thursday, April 5th, 2018, from 10am-6p, at PAX Arena. All onsite registrations will be processed by 9pm EST and competitors selected will be notified via the email provided. All competitors and alternates selected are required to be onsite in PAX Arena at PAX East 2018 on Friday, April 6, 12:30p-4p EST. Any competitors not present at 12:45p ET will be disqualified from the tournament and replaced by an alternate. The competition will officially end on April 6, 2018, at 4pm EST.

Additional rules and other information here.

March 22nd, 2018

Magic Schedule

There’s always a whole ton of content run by exhibitors and other partners that never makes it onto the official PAX Schedule, but we especially felt like the schedule of Magic events deserved a shoutout. If you’re a magic player, you’re going to want to pay very close attention to all the events found right here. Big thanks to Pasttimes.net for putting this all together!

March 2nd, 2018

PAX East Indie Showcase is Live!

It’s never a fun process trying to filter down our submissions into the very cream of the crop, but that cream is oh so…creamy….

The winners of the 2018 PAX East Indie Showcase are live and they can be found right here. Also remember each of these titles will be at PAX East ready and waiting for you to get hands on and play them for yourselves.

More updates coming very soon, stay tuned!