PAX East 2016 badges have official all sold out. We look forward to seeing everyone in Boston in April. If you weren’t able to get badges and still want to experience that delicious PAX goodness, there are still a few individual day badges for PAX South in San Antonio remaining. You can pick them up here:

They won’t last, get them now!  If you’re looking for hotels, they can be acquired from this link!

Never again will there be a PAX East 2015. It’s over. Done, gone, and exists only in our memories (or perhaps, lingering muscle soreness). Huge thanks to all our exhibitors, Enforcers, and attendees…we hope you all had as much fun as we did! If we don’t see you at PAX Prime, Aus, or South, hopefully we’ll see you all at PAX East 2016!

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We have updated the PAX FAQ with a couple new information points that might pop up the week of the show. Also, as always be sure to follow us on twitter @official_pax for any day-of information updates.