Gabe (Mike) and Tycho (Jerry) don’t compete against each other. They just don’t. I think it’s why they have been able to stay together for so long. I’ve only ever seen them play co-op, or ignore each other entirely. Never direct competition.

And now all of that changes. They are actively going to fight each other in front of strangers for a physical watch .... by playing Overwatch. Admittedly, it’s a pretty awesome game but still - I’m nervous. Regardless of who wins, I’m worried about the long term ramifications on the relationship, and therefore the company. And therefore my job.

So tune in live to on Saturday, March 23rd at 6:30pm. Come, enjoy the spectacle as Penny Arcade implodes upon itself in a Blizzard fueled nightmare of craziness.

For our Storytime Speakers, we always strive for people who are influential in the industry but at the same time super smart and interesting. We want you to get a lot out of these talks, ya know? Well we knocked it out of the park with this one as Jonathan Blow will be the PAX East 2016 Storytime Speaker!

Jonathan is a renowned indie game dev that you might know from a certain massive hit called Braid. More recently he’s responsible for the beautifully addictive game that has captured our whole office called The Witness. We’re incredibly excited to hear what Jonathan has to say at this upcoming PAX East and you should be too!

See you in 6 weeks! PAX is coming.

PAX East 2016 badges have official all sold out. We look forward to seeing everyone in Boston in April. If you weren’t able to get badges and still want to experience that delicious PAX goodness, there are still a few individual day badges for PAX South in San Antonio remaining. You can pick them up here:

They won’t last, get them now!  If you’re looking for hotels, they can be acquired from this link!