Another PAX East is on the horizon! Can you feel it? That special ache in your teeth? Everything smelling like copper? I might be having a stroke.

But hey, we’ve got a few pieces of information for PAX East 2017 to go over this month. You might have noticed we are revving up the site in anticipation of ... something.

First, PAX East 2017 panel submissions are now open. You can submit your panel between now and December 16th. Because of the proximity to the holidays and PAX South, the panel submission window is narrower than usual so please don’t delay if you are interested in presenting at the show. 

Second, the PAX East Indie Showcase is taking submissions. If you are an indie mobile game developer and are interested in submitting your game for consideration, all of the information can be found right here.

Finally you might have noticed that we will be doing away with 3-Day badges, similar to what we have done on PAX West. When looking over the data, we saw that people were buying 3-Day badges but not using them for the full weekend. By switching exclusively to single days, we can help ensure that every sold badge actually gets used by fans who want them and increase the individual number of fans who get to experience the show.

Also if you are interested in PAX-ing before PAX East, we still have PAX South tickets available for San Antonio right here: and Enforcer applications are running as well:

Whew. That’s everything. Have a great day. Hopefully we will see you all at PAX Australia in 23 days, or PAX South in 107 days, or PAX East in 149 days!