For our kickoff Storytime sessions, we always look for people who have been center stage during pivotal moments in gaming history. So you can imagine how excited we are that Alex Rigopulos, CEO and Co-Founder of Harmonix, will be the Storytime Speaker for PAX East 2014! From the cult classics Frequency and Amplitude to the modern Rock Band and Dance Central franchises, Alex has been behind some of the most impactful industry phenomenons of the last decade. We can’t wait to hear what stories he’ll have to share at PAX East 2014!

And while Alex opens the show, we’ve got some amazing concerts to close out Friday and Saturday night. We are extremely excited to announce that our Friday lineup will feature three great bands in Bit Brigade, Metroid Metal, and Anamanaguchi. Saturday doesn’t take its foot off the gas either with MC Frontalot, The Doubleclicks, and The Video Game Orchestra all coming to deliver awesome tunes.

Oh, and if you didn’t notice, we’re officially less than two months out!