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Badges for PAX East are currently available. They go quickly, so get them while you can!

What is BYOC?

While we always have PC Freeplay available, if you’d like to have your own computer at PAX to play local games on our wired Network, you’ll want a BYOC badge which grants you your own seat in a secured section exclusively open to BYOC badge holders.

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  • BYOC

    + $35
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Exhibitor Registration

If you’d like information on exhibiting at PAX East, please fill out the following form and we’ll get back to you. If you have other questions or haven’t heard from us within a few days, drop us a line.

Exhibitor Contact

PAX East Exhibitor Inquiry

Media Registration

Are you part of a commercial media organization and would like to attend PAX so you can produce content covering several exhibitors?

Do you create content for a YouTube or Streaming channel with more than 50,000 followers or subscribers and would like to attend PAX so you can film videos on the show floor or stream from the expo?

Qualified individuals may request a free media or content creator badge for PAX East 2019.

Please Note:

  • Meeting all the requirements for press registration does not guarantee you a media or content creator pass.

  • YouTube Channels Only: You must film on the show floor and cite exhibitors’ products or services shown in your video(s). Vlogs outside the expo, interviews with other content creators, or filming fan meet ups will not meet these requirements.

  • Streaming Channels Only: You must stream from the show floor in either our streaming pods or an exhibitor’s booth and keep a VOD for us to reference after the show.

  • Podcasts Only: Links provided in step one must introduce the individual applying for the media pass within the first 30 seconds.

  • If you or someone you assign to cover PAX does not produce content in a timely manner after being granted a media or content creator pass, the journalist assigned and/or your outlet/channel may no longer be eligible for media or content creator passes to future PAX events.

  • By applying for a media or content creator badge, you agree to PAX sharing your contact information submitted in step one with the exhibitors at PAX.

Media Contact

PAX East Media Inquiry

As written on your government ID. If you are in the process of switching your legal name, or have recently done so, please enter your new name even if it does not match your government I.D. Gamertags, nicknames or online persona names do not meet this criteria.

Media Only

Letter on company letterhead, from your editor, stating you will be on assignment to cover PAX.

Content Creators Only

A link to a video hosted on the channel you are applying for, which shows your face.