A Discussion With Women In Esports

There’s no denying the recent popularity of competitive gaming, and sometimes, it seems its women are hard to find. But we’re here and at PAX to prove it! This panel is a celebration and discussion of the roles that women play in all avenues of esports, from content creation to event management, community work to company administration, and everything in between. We’ll also touch upon pressing questions, big and lesser-known, about our presence in the space and what’s left to do.


Nicole Carpenter [Reporter, Dot Esports], Sabina Hemmi [Co-Founder & Product, Elo Entertainment, LLC], Victoria Rose [Dota 2 News Lead, Polygon (The Flying Courier)], Sabriel Mastin [Content Creator, Overbuff; USA Today (Overwatch Wire)], Amanda Stevens [Editor, Freelance Writer, Proving Grounds, Riot Games], Tatjana Vejnovic [Overwatch Wire via USA Today SMG, Senior Editor]