A Panel Moderated by AI

What if Microsoft Word's "Clippy" and Max Headroom had a baby and it's name was Krenshaw. And that AI baby ended up growing up inside a computer to one day moderate an interesting panel at PAX East 2017 with game devs, streamers and members of the games press. That's what this panel is, it's contents are completely created by Artificial Intelligence being named Krenshaw that will be joining us on stage in an engaging conversation about video games, live and whatever else it wants to speak about.


Will Brierly [Game Development (Soda Drinker Pro), Snowrunner], Jonathan Holmes [Writer (Destructoid), Destructoid], Vinny Sauce [Streamer (VineSauce), Vinesauce], Sean Baptiste [Game Development (Adult Swim), Adult Swim], Nick Murdy [Game Development (Harmonix), Harmonix]