Are You A Bad Fan? Fixing Behaviors That Put People Off

Odds are, we’ve all been "that" person at one time or another. The know-it-all. The gatekeeper. The type of person who says, "if you’re a real fan then name four of Captain Picard’s family members." It’s a great time to be a nerd and fandom communities are more active than ever. So let’s learn about the bad habits we’ve developed, how to fix them, and be a good ambassador for our favorite games, movies, and other nerd media.


Sam Prell [News Editor, GamesRadar], Susan Arendt [Editor in Chief, GeniiOnline], Mike Cosimano [Senior Reporter, Destructoid], Anthony Agnello [Head of Social Media, VentureBeat], Sarah LeBeouf [Writer/Editor, Freelance], Peter M. Smith [Developer, Moon Kid]