Behind the Design: Your Backstory Affects how you Make Games

Ever wonder how some people get into game development? This relatable story time is about how life's journey can lead into a career of making games. What kind of decisions you make, including education, work process, and what kind of studio you choose, come from your personal experiences and shape what kind of interactive experiences you make for other people.

We all love games, now let's take a deeper look into the people that make them. You may be surprised what you might learn!


Rami Ismail [Programmer, Designer, Vlambeer], Jillian Chastain [Artist, Streamer, Max Gaming], Wase Qazi [Programmer, Artist, Streamer, QaziTV], Bjorn Lindholm [Programmer, Streamer, GameDevCompany], Chris Chung [Programmer, Artist, Chris Chung]