Breath of the Wild and the Future of the Zelda Series

The critically acclaimed Breath of the Wild was a big change in direction for the Zelda series, returning it to its roots of exploration. Join the Zelda Universe staff as we discuss the game, how it’s been a breath of fresh air for the series, and how Zelda could evolve from its wild success. Bring your Breath of the Wild knowledge as well because we’ll have a few special giveaways. Note that we will be discussing the game in detail, so SPOILERS may abound.


Alex Rosenberg [Media Director, Zelda Universe], Andrew Fick [Guides Director, Zelda Universe], Brandon Acosta [Voice Actor, Zelda Universe], Josh Jepson [Content Creator, Josh Jepson], Jirard Khalil [The Completionist, That One Video Gamer]