Ages 13+

Building Bridges & Breaking Barriers! #AllTheBs

This panel brings a diverse group of individuals together who are actively working – often times behind-the-scenes - in the game space to help bridge cultural gaps and create positive communities. Panelists will share personal stories on how they overcame cross-cultural challenges, not just in their own “backyard” but also across the world! Come learn more about different cultures and take lessons home with you to participate in your own community in a positive way and break them barriers!


Kelly Wallick [Commanding Officer, Indie MEGABOOTH], Nigel Lowrie [Co-Founder / Partner, Devolver Digital], Edgar Serrano [Co-Founder /  Studio Director, Lienzo], Chris Remo [Co-Host | Designer/Composer, Idle Thumbs | Campo Santo], Robin Hunicke [Co-Founder/CEO, Funomena], Tanya X. Short [Captain, Kitfox Games]