Competitive Gaming: Personal and Professional Development

We often hear about competitive gaming at the national level, but we don't really get a sense of what it's like for players at the local/grassroots level. During this panel, five competitive Smash players will share their stories on how competing within their local communities has positively impacted their lives. They'll also discuss how gamers can take what they learn through competitive gaming in order to improve themselves both professionally and in their personal lives.


Alyssa Menes [Game Audio Designer/Big Fan of Smash, Free Agent/Freelance], Luis Suarez [PG Stats Director, Panda Global], Brendan Triano [Commentator/Player, Free Agent], Scott Doe [Big Blue eSports, Stream Manager], Jorge Pinilla [Co-Owner/Content Creator, 8 Bit Or Higher], Shi Deng [Big Blue eSports, Co-Founder]