Creators' Secrets in Games, or How to Unlock Ermac in Super Mario 2 using the Sega 32X

From complex ARGs, to the Konami code, games have been filled with mysterious secrets throughout the years. We have brought together an incredible panel of devs, writers, producers and creators who will be sharing never-before-known secrets in games that only the creators would know. These secrets hidden deep in the code that will change the way you think about video games forever. Or maybe they will be just entertaining… either way you’ll be glad you came.


@SodaDrinkerPro [Creator, Soda Drinker Pro], Eric [Co-Founder of VirZoom, Former CTO of Harmonix], @NonTrotski [Writer, Destructoid], Carl W. Adams [Snowrunner], Ichiro Lambe [Dejobaan Games]