Ages 13+

Cults and Suffering: Designing Evil in Video Games

Some content makes us uncomfortable. Some systems make us do things we later regret. Join designers who create games about murder, ritual human sacrifice, crime, and learn how they approach portraying (or encouraging?) "evil" in their characters, mechanics, and gameplay. The game designers of Planescape:Torment, Pillars of Eternity, The Suffering, True Messiah, Church in the Darkness, The Shrouded Isle AND MORE will discuss ethical implementations and compromises!


Tanya X. Short [Director/Designer, Kitfox Games], Richard Rouse III [Director/Designer, Paranoid Productions], Chris Avellone [Narrative Designer, Independent], Ichiro Lambe [Director/Designer, Dejobaan Games], Craig Stern [Game Design Prophet, Sinister Design]