Embedded Game Journalism - The Making of Defense Grid 2

What really goes into making a game? Since May of 2013, Polygon Features Editor Russ Pitts has been embedded at Hidden Path Entertainment, developers of Counter Strike: GO and the upcoming sci-fi tower defense game Defense Grid 2. With total access to every member of the development team, Polygon has been able to provide total transparency about the making of Defense Grid 2. For the development team, this level of openness comes with great risk, but is also an immense opportunity for connecting with its potential audience. Through candid conversation between Russ Pitts (Polygon) & Jeff Pobst (Hidden Path Entertainment), this panel will reveal the risks of this unique arrangement, revealing many of the bumps, bruises and untold stories that have resulted along the way.


Russ Pitts [Features Editor, Polygon / Vox Media], Jeff Pobst [CEO / Executive Producer, Hidden Path Entertainment]