Escape Rooms: Moving Virtual Gaming into the Real World

Escape Rooms aka Puzzle Rooms or Exit Games are a hot trend sweeping the world. Evolving from the point and click adventure games on the PC, into a real-life adventure game for groups. The premise is simple: you and your team enter a themed space and work together to find clues, solve puzzles and get out.. Come and learn about the history, tricks, psychology, design and future of Escape Games. Featuring owners from around Massachusetts. Check it out, ask questions, and maybe win some stuff too.


Sol Gordon [CEO/GameMaster, North Shore Escape-Woburn], Jeff Boyer [Owner/Chief Joy Instigator, Room Escapers-Downtown Boston], Michael Paquin [Owner/PuzzleMaster, Live Action Escapes-Worcester], Chiu Chan [GameMaster/Designer, AmazeEscape-Arlington], Audrey Chow [Owner/Designer, Curious Escape Rooms-Fitchburg], Jason Loeb [Owner, Trapology Boston]