Every Day I'm Shuffling: The Making of DropMix

DropMix is the world’s first music mixing card game, allowing players to create an endless variety of mixes while competing or collaborating with friends in multiple game modes. The team from Harmonix and Hasbro will take you behind the development scenes, showing off early prototypes and sharing some challenges and surprises they encountered along the way. If you’re a fan of DropMix, or just curious about game design, you won’t want to miss this exclusive look behind the scenes.


Jonathan Mintz [Creative Lead - DropMix, Harmonix], Tom Bartlett [Development Lead - DropMix, Harmonix], Alex Howell [Senior Game Designer, Hasbro], David 'Sasso' Battilana [Art Lead - DropMix, Harmonix], Ryan Challinor [Engineering Lead - DropMix, Harmonix], Troy Ferrio [DropMix, Harmonix]