Fighting Robots on a Table: A Post Mortem

AEGIS Combining Robots was born at PAX East 2013 and has appeared here every year - Now it’s finally hitting shelves. From slips of paper and origami boxes to traveling around the country to being published and working through two Kickstarters, this is the dramatic story of a team that went from knowing nothing to creating one of the most content-filled indie board games you can find, and how you too can create all the cool things you’ve got bouncing around in your head.


Breeze Grigas [Director, Zephyr Workshop], Sarah Como [Producer, Zephyr Workshop], Jesse Clark [Lead Designer, Zephyr Workshop], Ryan Richford [PR, Zephyr Workshop], Genevieve Guimond [Designer, Zephyr Workshop], Craig Downes [Game Designer, Zephyr Workshop]