"Gitting Gud" at Video Game Movies

<p>Why haven’t we seen the perfect film adapted from a video game? Wait a minute… have we?!<p><p>Join hosts of "The Only Podcast About Movies" Matthew Krol (Senior Producer, Guy Code) and Shahir Daud (Fox&Co;), along with special guests James Portnow and Red Charyszyn for a live episode where they try to answer…<p><p>What is it about adapting a game that is so perplexing? How can a film keep the games' original audience happy while appealing to a broader mass market? And should Hollywood even bother?<p>


Matthew Krol [Producer, MTV & Sixth Circle Productions], Shahir Daud [Director, Fox & Co.], James Portnow [Writer, Co-Creator, Extra Credits], Red Charyszyn [VFX Editor, Sikelia Productions]