Hardcore Nerdcore: Crafting Hip-Hop from Video Games

Since the dawn of YouTube, the odd combination of video games and hip-hop music has swept the internet. But how does something as obscure as a video game get transformed into a hardcore rap song? Join some of Youtube's top stars in the genre including the team at JT Machinima, VideoGameRapBattles, and GlitchxCity for a Q & A and presentation on how they became music personalities through video games.


VideoGameRapBattles [Creator, VideoGameRapBattles], Skull [Co-Creator, JT Machinima], Patfan [Co-Creator, JT Machinima], GlitchxCity [Creator, GlitchxCity], Mat4yo [Creator, Mat4yo], Kevin Krust [Creator, Kevin Krust Multimedia]