How to Network When You're Awkward as H*ck

It’s advice you’ll get over and over again about breaking into the industry: network! It’s good advice and can certainly help your career, but many of us would rather chew glass than walk up to a stranger and start talking. This panel will offer practical advice from industry vets on how to network when you’re not naturally outgoing, as well as insight on why some people always seem comfortable in a crowd and some don’t, no matter what.


Susan Arendt [Editor in Chief, GeniiOnline], Brittney Brombacher [Whiskey Lover, What's Good Games], Dr. Raffael Boccamazzo [Clinical Director, Take This], Nick Locapo [Magician (no, really, he is), Penguin Magic], Tanya DePass [Director & Founder, I Need Diverse Games], Jacqui Collins [Marketing & Events Producer, Adult Swim]