Ages 13+

Indie Game Designers Modify and Play Werewolf

Participants have fondly claimed it one of the most fun panels they’ve ever been on! Attendees have raved about it as top tier PAX panel entertainment! Come join us for our fourth round of the social deduction game Werewolf, hilariously broken through creative role and rule modifications, submitted and played by a panel of over a dozen indie game designers, and see for yourself what has earned such glowing accolades, has retained a fervent cult following, and is considered a hidden gem of PAX.


Pete Vellucci Jr [@ryvvn], Sarah Landstrom [@sarah_landstrom], Christopher Wulf [@chriswulf_], Nicole Amato [@toits], Daniel Ferrantino [@dferrantino ‏], Shawn Alexander Allen [@aNuChallenger], Noel MacNaughton, Adi Slepack [@curliQtube], Adriel Wallick [@MsMinotaur], Chris King [@batterystaple_g], Liz Roche [@SomeoneHasDied], Frank Washburn [@FrankalineJuice], Jake Vander Ende [@Spriteborne], Michael Carriere [@mcarriere], Akash Thakkar [@AkashThakkar], Patrick Brennan [@PatjBrennan], Razlo Bailey [@Razlo], Trevor Stricker [@TrevorStricker], Carol Mertz [@carolmertz], Shawn Pierre [@ShawnPierre]