Ages 13+

Indie Game Designers Modify and Play Werewolf

Following last year's literal bloody conclusion, over a dozen indie game designers have been plotting their return to PAX East with more devious modifications for a tie-breaking third round of hilarious, game-breaking high-jinks! Panelists present altered roles or rules to the traditional mechanics of the parlor game Werewolf, then gleefully play out their twisted variant for everyone's enjoyment. Discover what many participants repeatedly claim as "one of the most fun panels I've ever been on!"


Pete Vellucci Jr, Daniel Ferrantino, Sarah Landstrom, Adriel Wallick, Nicole Kline, Shawn Alexander Allen, Ben Triola, Carol Mertz, Chris King, Christopher Wulf, Dominique Ferland, Frank Washburn, Michael Carriere, Patrick Brennan, Razlo Bailey, Shawn Pierre, Teddy Dief, Trevor Stricker