JRPGs are Dead and Why You Should Play Them Anyway

It’s been a long time since the heyday of everyone’s favorite genre about turn-based teens taking down the empire. The genre once saw dozens of releases per year, and now it’s… just Persona 5, right? Regardless, JRPGs have had widespread influence across other genres on all platforms, and at their peak were a niche bastion of creativity and world building. Come and learn what lies beyond Final Fantasy and what makes the medium’s most well-aged genre tick.


Breeze Grigas [Director, Zephyr Workshop], Paul Marzagalli [Community Manager & PR, inXile Entertainment], Ethan Wolfe [Mobile QA Engineer, Tumblr], Joey Pagano [3D Artist, FireFrame], Andrew Linde [Lead, Juncture Media], Rejon Taylor-Foster [Mad Scientist, Maximum Crash]