Kinda Funny's 1st Annual PAX East Chicken Wing Ding (BYOW)

You know what Kinda Funny likes? Well, video games and comics and stuff. But you know what Greg Miller likes? CHICKEN WINGS! You’re invited to Kinda Funny’s First Annual PAX East Chicken Wing Ding. What’s that mean? You bring chicken wings to the panel, and we do a panel for you. While eating your wings. With you. Do you have to bring wings? No. Should you bring wings? Yes. Will you get extra points if the chicken wings are homemade? Absolutely. Do the points count for anything? No. BYOW.


Greg Miller [Chicken Wing King, Kinda Funny], Joey Noelle [Christmas in April, Kinda Funny], Geoff Ramsey [Creative Director, Let's Play, Achievement Hunter], Andrea Rene [The Busiest Lady in the Business, What's Good Games]