Of Dice & Men - Screening and Q&A with the cast and crew.

A Gaming Movie Without the Self Loathing. At PAX Prime in 2010, Critical Threat Theatre premiered a play about friendship, love, loss, and twenty-sided dice called OF DICE AND MEN that was the hit of the con.  After a successful Indiegogo campaign and over a year of blood, sweat and gaming - Cavegirl Productions is bringing the feature film version of OF DICE AND MEN back home to PAX! Come join creator Cameron McNary, director Kelley Slagle, and executive producer Seth C. Polansky in a hilarious and touching celebration of everything great about gamer geek culture.


Cameron McNary [Writer & Co-Star, Of Dice & Men LLC], Seth C. Polansky [Executive Producer, Of Dice & Men LLC], Kelley L. Slagle [Director & Editor, Of Dice & Men LLC], Autumn Moran [Director of Photography, Of Dice & Men LLC]