Pinny Pals Podcast Presents Pinquzition Live.

Think you know everything about Pinny Arcade? Have you memorized every Penny Arcade comic strip?  Well now is your chance to prove it as the Pinny Pals Podcast presents Pinquizition, our popular game show live at PAX East. Audience members will have the chance to appear on stage and pit their knowledge against ours. Those (if any) who best us will walk away with prizes. Think you've got what it takes?


Joseph "pureval" La Dow [Podcast Host, Pinny Pals Podcast], Peter "pedro asani" Jones [Founding Member, Pinny Pals Podcast], Ben "theoriginalz" Feldman [Podcast Member, Pinny Pals Podcast], Anthony "nowhiringhenchmen" Nash [Founding Member, Pinny Pals Podcast], Zachary "arigold" Howard [Pinny Community Member, Pinny Community], Rebecca "Peace0706" Sinnaeve [Pinny Community Member, Pinny Community]