Podcasting: From Amateur to Pro-Caster

You have a lot to say about games, television, film, and nerd culture, but making the leap from occasional commenter to powerhouse podcaster is daunting! Learn how to continually push yourself to produce the best podcast, find your audience, produce your show, and learn when to switch it up! Serious advice mixes with hilarious tales from creators at Destructoid, TheSwitchCast, the Hadron Gospel Hour, and the PokeProblemsPodcast.


Malima Wolf [Host, PokeProblemsPodcast], Rydia Q Vielehr [Host, PokeProblemsPodcast], Jonathan Holmes [Writer / Host, Destructoid / Sup, Holmes?], Kevin Harrington [Actor, The Hadron Gospel Hour], KC Smithsen [Host, TheSwitchCast], Khamseng Varipath [Director, seng2kx Entertainment]