Post-Traumatic Growth Through Video Games

Video game avatars all seem to rely on their personal strength and super powers in order to overcome their opponents. How did they become so strong? Evaluating their history one can see that most of them have undergone a traumatic experience in order to progress to where they are through post-traumatic growth. We will discuss how that trauma has affected the character; the importance of post-traumatic growth; how these characters show resilience and how video gamers can use these same concepts


Dr. Kelli Dunlap [Mental Health and Games Specialist, iThrive Games], Dr. Anthony Bean [Owner / Psychologist, Bean Professional Psychological Services], Dr. Joe Atanasio [Owner / Psychologist, Joe Atanasio, PsyD], Dr. Stephen Daniel [Assistant Professor, Appalachian State University], Boontarika Sripom [Educational Advocate of Video Games, Educational Advocate of Video Games]