Ages 13+

Power Word: Rock! The History D&D and Heavy Metal

Dragons, sick elves with black swords, hordes of onrushing orcs—D&D has always used the imagery of heavy metal. Were Gary and Dave rocking out to Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin when they were writing the first edition? If not, what were they listening to? And when did power chords and Power Word: Kill first join forces? Join Adam Koebel (Dungeon World), Luke Crane (Burning Wheel) and Radek Drozdalski (Burning Wheel) as they tell a tale of nerds in basements and the music they listened to.


Luke Crane [Ancient Mariner, Burning Wheel], Adam Koebel [Eternal Champion, Dungeon World], Radek Drozdalski [Blind Guardian, Burning Wheel]