Ages 13+

Queer Gamers Unite! Building Confidence To Take On Trolls

The intersection of identity and hobby is tough sometimes. Maybe it’s dealing with toxic, homophobic and transphobic slurs in online gaming. Maybe it’s the microaggressions we hear people whisper about our cosplay. Maybe you have to fight racists everyday. Our panel, which includes people from Buzzfeed News, the "This QPOC Life" podcast, the Broadway community, the Final Fantasy and RPDR fandoms, and USA Today’s Sports Media Group, wants to equip you to deal with all of those issues.


Johnathan Gibbs [Founder, EiC, This QPOC Life, Edugaytion], Jo Lee [Music Artist, This QPOC Life, Big Apple Performing Arts], Carlos Rios [Logistics Coordinator, This QPOC Life, NYCGMC], Zachary Ares [News and Politics, This QPOC Life, BuzzFeed News], Tatjana Vejnovic [Senior Editor, USA Today Sports Media Group], MaryMartha Ford-Dieng [Lead Game Developer, The Ultimate Clapback]