Race to the Bottom: Developers and the Modern Gaming Scene

Making a game today is easier than ever! Or is it?.. when you consider how much the modern gaming market has changed for devs, that statement changes with it. Join a lineup of developers and industry figures across a spectrum of different success levels as we discuss everything from pricing a game in today’s market, to fielding toxic habits in the communities developers manage, to player expectations in the games we produce, and more. Moderated by IGN writer/producer/talent Alanah Pearce.


Richard James Cook [Game Developer / Filmmaker, Independent], Dave Oshry [Producer - Dusk, Amid Evil, New Blood Interactive], Randy Greenback [Exec. Producer - Friday the 13th: The Game, Gun Media Inc.], Rami Ismail [Game Developer - Nuclear Throne, Super Crate Box, Vlambeer], Tanya Short [Co-Founder, Designer, Kitfox Games], Kristen Beane [Product Manager, Rooster Teeth], Alanah Pearce [Writer/Producer/Talent, IGN]