Role Playing - Our Lives Depend on It!

Versus Evil and award winning RPG developers Obsidian and Stoic will be taking part in a panel on Saturday 7th April to discuss all things role playing in the video gaming world. Hosted by Jesse Cox the group will be talking about their personal experiences from Dungeons and Dragons pen and paper games through to the emergence of some of the RPG video game ‘greats’ of the 90s and the progression of the genre up until today.  There will be debates between the group about what the best all time RPG game is out there, the best storyline and what makes a GREAT RPG as opposed to an OK RPG, and discussion of course about the award winning RPG series The Banner Saga and Pillars of Eternity.  The panel will end with a Q&A session from the floor.  Demos from both Pillars of Eternity II and Banner Saga 3 will be available to play at Versus Evil’s booth # 13096.