Seven Years of PCMR!

HAPPY CAKE DAY PCMR! Join us, the moderators of the biggest PC Gaming Community on Reddit with over 1.3 million subscribers, as we celebrate seven years of sharing a mutual love for all things PC Gaming and PC Building! We’ll be reviewing the last seven years of PCMR history and our favorite memories. There will be gifts, giveaways, party hats, and cake! Hosted by CORSAIR, featuring special guests including Bitwit, GamersNexus and GloriousGe0rge.

Please note: The cake may, in fact, be a lie.


GloriousGe0rge [Gaming Marketing Specialist, Corsair], Pedro19 [Founder, PCMR], theapplefreak [Moderator, PCMR], Gamers Nexus [Tech Reviewer, Gamer Nexus], Norumu [Community Manager, AMD], Miss Magitek [Social Media Manager, Corsair], Bitwit [Influencer]