So You Want to Market an Indie Game?

Making an indie game is one thing - getting it noticed is another! In today’s incredibly crowded and noisy market, grabbing players’ attention is an enormous challenge. How do you position your game to stand out? What matters to people who play games in 2018, and how is that different than just a few years ago? How do you squeeze the most value from your precious - and small - marketing budget? Go inside with indie veterans Out of the Park Developments to learn how to be successful.


Richard Grisham [Chief Marketing Officer, Out of the Park Developments], Mike Futter [Author, The GameDev Business Handbook], Chris Johnston [Producer, Adult Swim Games], Kris Jardine [Associate Community Manager, Out of the Park Developments], T.J. Lauerman [Community Manager, Out of the Park Developments], Genevieve St-Onge [Brand & PR person / Co-Founder, PopAgenda], Kat Bailey [Editor in Chief, US Gamer]