Survive! Tips from the Pros on Staying Indie

Starting your own indie studio is hard. Sustaining it is even more difficult! Hear from Gwen Frey (Bioshock Infinite, The Flame in the Flood), Rami Ismail (Nuclear Throne, LUFTRAUSERS), Alex Schwartz (Job Simulator, Rick & Morty VR), Ichiro Lambe (Tick Tock Bang Bang, Elegy for a Dead World) and Mike Futter (Author, GameDev Business Handbook) share advice on keeping a team, learning from mistakes (so you don’t have to make them), and sustaining a studio to make games for years to come.


Rami Ismail [50% of Vlambeer, Vlambeer], Gwen Frey [Co-founder, The Molasses Flood], Alex Schwartz [Chief Executive Owl, Owlchemy Labs], Ichiro Lambe [Founder and Principal Designer, Dejobaan], Mike Futter [Author, Bithell Games], Oleg Brodskiy [COO, BostonFIG]