Ages 13+

The Audacity of #Hype V

Don’t plead the fifth, join the fifth! The Audacity of #Hype enters the fifth year of slinging social media advice from professionals throughout the gaming industry. Join luminaries from Adult Swim Games, Ubisoft, New Blood, Twitch, YouTube, and more as we discuss the state of social media, what to do for your brand, how to market yourself, make connections, and more!

*The 5th anniversary celebration of The Audacity of Hype may include punch and pie. But mainly memes. Dank, sweet, memes.


Brittney Brombacher [The Whiskey Lover, What's Good Games], @AndreaRene [Co-founder, Host, Producer, What’s Good Games], @Jacqui_Collins [Marketing and Events Producer, Adult Swim Games], @EscoBlades [Product Marketing Manager, Ubisoft], @S_Riddling [Twitch Partner & Show Host, Independent], @DaveOshry [CEO, New Blood Interactive]