The Harmonix Video Vault: Old & New Tales from the Archives

Are you a behind the scenes junkie? Harmonix dug up a bunch of old videos that never saw the light of day, on display at PAX for the first time. Prototype videos for games that you love? Check. Trailers that were left on the cutting room floor? Check. Outtakes, goofs, and other silly things? Check, check, check.

Our panelists are people that worked on these projects, here to talk about why the videos were never released. Join us on a walk through the untold history of Harmonix.


Josh Harrison [Social & Community Lead, Harmonix], Rebecca Potter [Marketing Manager, Harmonix], Drew Olsen [Lead Sound Designer / Composer, Harmonix], Helen McWilliams [VP of Creative, Harmonix], Ryan Lesser [Creative Lead, Harmonix], Matt Perlot [Art Lead, Harmonix]