The Secret Sauce - Stories of Manufacturing Some of the World's Biggest Games and Why Their Teams Work

Shari Spiro — founder and CEO of Ad Magic, game printer specializing in Kickstarters, Breaking Games, an indie publisher specializing in bringing games to market worldwide and pulling off crazy stunts and promos — opens up with her team about the successes of some of their clients like Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Kittens, Joking Hazard, Secret Hitler, Bears Vs Babies, Disturbed Friends, Game of Phones and Poop the Game.

The team will answer questions about running a big indie game and how things are handled day to day in real life.  What is takes to have a winning team and crazy true stories from along the way. Long Q and A after for aspiring designers and curious gamers.


Shari Spiro [CEO and Founder, Ad Magic / Breaking Games], Luke Crane [Head of Games, Kickstarter], Jeanne De Mark [Head of Retail Mass Market Sales, Breaking Games], Maya Coleman [Community Manager, Secret Hitler], Mike Selinker [President, Lone Shark Games]