Wait, wait, that's a bad idea

Everyone has an idea for a game. Some of those ideas are good but some of those ideas are - wait, wait -  bad. And, we all know that even some of the good ones never make it.

This is your chance to save yourself from ignominy and pitch your game idea to our star-studded panel of experts. Their two cents may end up being worth a lot more.

Be ready. Be prepared. Be creative.

The rules are there are no rules.

The audience member with the best pitch wins an answering machine…


Monty Sharma [Managing Director, MassDigi], Linda Carlson [Director of Community Relations, Trion Worlds], Ichiro Lambe [Founder & President, Dejobaan], Hank Howie [COO & VP Business Development, Disruptor Beam], Francesca Carletto-Leon [Player Support Representative, Proletariat], Ryan Canuel [Founder & CEO, Petricore Games]