Waypoint Radio LIVE @ PAX East 2018

This description for Waypoint Radio LIVE was written at the start of 2018, and given the way things are going, who knows what things will be like by the time we host this panel. What’s up with North Korea? Was Detroit: Become Human a good video game? Is Danielle somehow STILL playing Prey? Join Patrick Klepek, Austin Walker, Rob Zacny, Danika Harrod, and Danielle Riendeau for an in-person recording of Waypoint Radio. We may not have many answers, but we will talk for an hour or so.


Austin Walker [Editor-in-Chief, VICE], Daniell Riendeau [Managing Editor, VICE], Rob Zacny [Senior Editor, VICE], Danika Harrod [Social Editor, VICE], Patrick Klepek [Senior Reporter, VICE]