We didn’t Start the DLC Fire, But We Fed the Monster.  Now what?

If the Internet is to be believed, we should pay once for a “full game.” We rage against the various alternative revenue models publishers have concocted over the years, but our money is making more of them. Money flows and the marketing creativity increases. From Horse Armor downloadable content (DLC), to on-disc DLC, to F2P, to Freemium, to paid betas and buy in-alphas. The idea of paying $60 for a product and receiving the full content is dead and we’re all to blame. So let’s discuss if we like it. If “yes,” how do we improve it? What is too far? If “no,” how do we fight the future?


Michael Futter [News Editor, Game Informer], Alexander Sliwinski [News Content Director, Joystiq], Pete Hines [VP of PR and Marketing, Bethesda Softworks], John Drake [Director of Publishing & PR, Harmonix]