Your Community, Your Allies: Community Management 101

Every product has a story to tell and an audience to cultivate. The Community Manager for a game, a website, or a brand can make or break how the world sees that product. Building allies, evangelists, and friends that hold you up will save you when times are tough. Join the folks from Bethesda, Psyonix, 505 Games, Think Geek, Spawn on Me, and Gameranx for a discussion on building a community, keeping them happy, and tackling tough obstacles to pave the way to success.


Jake Baldino [International YouTube Icon, Gameranx], Evan Berman [Senior Community Manager, Bethesda], Dan Hevia [Community Manager, 505 Games], Devin Connors [Community Manager, Psyonix], John Sylvester [Marketing and Community Manager, Think Geek]