You’re a Gamer and a Musician. How Can Crowdfunding Work for You?

Everyone loves a great Kickstarter, yet nearly half of all music campaigns are unsuccessful. Gamer culture continues to influence the indie music scene in increasingly mainstream ways.  Hear from some of the artists rooted in the video game and gamer/geek-culture music scene on how they managed to collectively raise nearly $350,000 in funds for their projects. Additionally you’ll hear insight on building your audience in the niche world of gamer-culture in addition to some general insight in “a day in the life of” artists like Big Giant Circles (Impostor Nostalgia, The Glory Days) zircon (Identity Sequence, Final Fantasy 6: Balance and Ruin), Jillian Aversa (Atlantis Awakening) and The Doubleclicks (Dimetrodon, Lasers and Feelings, “Nothing to Prove”).


Jimmy Hinson [Composer, Big Giant Circles], Andrew Aversa [Composer, zircon], Jillian Aversa [Songwriter / Performer], Angela Webber [Songwriter / Performer, The Doubleclicks], Aubrey Webber [Songwriter / Performer, The Doubleclicks], Kelsey Ehrlich [Charisma +2 / Desert Bus for Hope]