December 17th, 2019

Big News for PAX East Badges

Getting a pass to PAX wasn’t that hard when we were just a little gathering of fans in the Hynes, but now that PAX is a humongous 4-day event, the act of getting your badges means a significant investment of time and energy for anyone who wants to come out to play. With the prevalence of scalping and counterfeiting badges that came with getting So Dang Big, we took measures that made it harder to game the system - things like keeping badge sale dates secret and limiting the total number of badges per household.

These helped to a degree but also made it difficult for large families or groups of friends to get to the show (to say nothing of the folks who couldn’t get online when tickets went live.) We asked ourselves: how do we ensure everyone who wants to get to PAX to be able to buy a real, honest-to-Arceus badge, and give those who can’t make it to the show an opportunity to get their money back?

We found an answer with Lyte, a company that buys back your badges and makes them available to folks who couldn’t get their passes the first time around. Lyte works with our ticketing system partner Showclix to ensure the badges are genuine, and they constantly monitor and adjust prices to undercut the going rate on the resale market. With Lyte, we finally feel we have found a system that provides a safe and easy way for fans to exchange the badges they no longer want or need, verifies they’re the real deal, and helps them get to other deserving fans.

This is a system that helps get more people to PAX and makes it harder for scalpers, scammers and racketeers to profit off of our fans. We see this as an absolute win.

Click here see how this all works and get started.