A Career in Games and Disappointing Your Ethnic Parents

There’s nothing quite like NOT becoming a doctor, lawyer, or accountant and dishonoring your entire family. But now you’re interested in…. GAMES? IN A VOLATILE INDUSTRY? Living in a Western culture with non-Western parents has its own set of difficulties, especially when you’ve suddenly decided on a career that confuses them. Our panel of game developers are here to help. We’ll be talking about the challenges of growing up in an ethnic household and choosing a career in games, but also the ways it makes us different and stronger. But most of all, how we navigate and justify the work to our endless aunties and uncles. Originally done at PAX AUS, by Jessica Jazic.


Victoria Tran [Communications Director, Kitfox Games], Chandana Ekanayake [Creative Director, Outerloop Games], Joe Tirado [Communications & Marketing, System Era Softworks], Chris Compendio [PR Coordinator, Uppercut]