A History of Boston Game Development: From Zork to Bioshock

Boston has a rich games community, with over 200 games developed in the area. From System Shock to Bioshock, Zork to Thief, a large number of the best games of the past 40 years have been made in Boston. Join a panel of veteran Boston developers as they talk through their favorite memories of Boston game development, their thoughts on the future, and hilarious stories about how your favorite games were made. Bring your own memories of Boston games from developers like Infocom, Harmonix, Irrational Games, Turbine, Looking Glass, or other Boston devs.


Alex Engel [Board Member, Boston IGDA], Hank Howie [Former CEO, Blue Fang Games], Les Nelken [Professor, Fitchburg State University], Daniel Krikorian [QA Manager, Games Veteran]