A Lovely Panel Hosted by an AI Bot named Merrill Grambell

Last year the first AI hosted panel premiered at PAX East. Since then this bot "Merrill Grambell" has performed in theatres, festivals and much more, constantly learning and growing. This year it’s back with a new set of guests who are ready to have a lovely conversation about video games, life and much more. These guests include:

Sean Baptiste - Influencer Manager at Bethesda

Lamont Price - Award-Winning Comedian (NBC, Comedy Central Boston Calling)

Gwen Frey - Creator of Kine (Creator of Kine, on PC, Switch, Xbox, PS4, and Stadia)

Will and Raymond Brierly - Co-Developers "Soda Drinker Pro"


@SodaDrinkerPro [Co-Developer "Soda Drinker Pro", Soda Drinker Pro], @LPizzle [Comedian, Comedian], @Briercan [Co-Developer "Soda Drinker Pro", Soda Drinker Pro], @popcannibal [Co Creator of kind words (lofi chill beats to write to), Popcannibal], @NonTrotski, @hunicke