Ages 13+

Ace Watkins for Gamer President

Ace Watkins is the only Gamer running for President of the United States. Join Ace and his team as he goes through what’s been going on with his campaign, unveils new policies to better the lives of Gamers and Non-Gaming Americans, and answers questions from fans. Ace Watkins was created by video game comedy website Hard Drive and has been written up at Newsweek, The Daily Dot, Paste Magazine, and many more. Keep up with Ace before and after the panel at his Twitter account, which at nearly 200,000 followers, outpaces many candidates who graced the Democratic debate stage this year:  Remember: Not Solo; Squad.


Jeremy Kaplowitz [Campaign Manager, The Hard Times], Ace Watkins [Presidential Candidate, The Hard Times], Kevin Flynn [Campaign Strategist, The Hard Times], Ash Watkins [Head of Security, The Hard Times]