Ages 13+

Adult Games: What's Really In The Grind?

Whether it’s a visual novel that has you tied up in knots or a VR game that makes you get down on your knees, the 18+ video game world is a lively place. But what’s it like to write about queer smut for a living, and how do developers get into the 18+ games world? From Kotaku to Hardcoded’s Ghosthug Games, four panelists join together to discuss their experiences in the field, what it’s like creating NSFW material for queer women, and how to navigate censorship when Twitter and Tumblr are weighing you down. Stick around for a special segment where panelists pitch their own adult game and the audience votes for their top pick.


Ana Valens [NSFW Reporter & Game Developer, The Daily Dot], Kate Gray [Narrative Director, KO_OP], Kenzie Vermiform Stargrifter [Game Developer, Ghosthug Games], Ginny Woo [Writer, Prima Games], Victoria Rose [Games Journalist, Freelance]