Ages 13+

After the Dice Stop Rolling: Safe Play & Emotional Aftercare

Roleplaying is one of the most emotionally intense forms of gameplay —perhaps of art—there is, with an abundance of opportunities to express and experience a multitude of evocative emotions and relationships in an embodied, deeply personal manner. When it is time to put down the dice and step back into our lives, it can be hard to set aside all that we experienced, to manage what’s known as emotional “bleed”; The triumphs and friendships, the losses and betrayals.  How can we process all that we have experienced in a healthy manner, and make sure we keep our friends and ourselves safe?  This panel of game designers, streamers, and thinkers are here to help you do just that! Join them in discussing and exploring roleplay aftercare techniques, and hopefully find something that works for you.  Play Safe!


Sharang Biswas [Game Designer, Writer, & Artist, Independent], Simon Goudreault [DM & Director, WanderingDM], Deirdre Donlon [Streaming Talent, Independent], Grant Ellis [Producer/Designer, WebDM Show/2c Gaming], Renee Rhodes [Writer/Community manager, Tweedle Creative]